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Best African Print Fabric to Use for a Face Mask During COVID-19


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Are you looking to start sewing masks to keep yourself and your family safe during the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you hoping to find some material that is a little more interesting?

Well, why don't you try African print fabric? Let's go through some of the best African print fabrics to consider when you start making masks for your family!

Choosing a Fabric for Your Masks

First, you want to make sure that the fabric you choose is the right consistency for making masks. A 100% cotton fabric is one good option so that your mask will be easy to wash between uses. Some polyester blends can be a decent choice.

You can also try a mix of fabrics, like a wool exterior with a cotton interior. A lining can also help give you further protection from the virus, especially if you make sure there is room for a filter between layers.

Scientific studies have found that cotton, chiffon, or using both fabrics, is the best way to prevent transmission via aerosols or droplets.

Just make sure you do your research, and stay up to date on the science, when choosing what type of fabric to use when you are making African print masks.

Picking the Right Print for Your COVID-19 Masks

After you pick the fabric you will be using to make your masks, you will need to pick which designs you want to use on the masks. There are many best selling African prints you can choose from for a totally reasonable price.

You will probably want to consider what prints you would be comfortable wearing, and what prints your friends and family members will be comfortable wearing.

If you are not into anything too out there in your clothing designs, you will probably want to keep that same choice when you decide what print you are choosing. Stick to something simple, like stripes, polka dots, or flowers.

People who are more creative and out there in their fashion choices, have a ton more options out there to try. You could do a colorful paisley print, or a nice and thematic drum print fabric. Nature fans can try different leave prints, trees, flowers, butterflies, and feathers.

Are you a big fan of animals? Then there are plenty of different and fun animal prints that you can try for your masks. Different types of birds, horses, cats, fish — the world is your oyster!

If you love a cheetah, tiger, or zebra print, why not get it in rainbow stripes!

To really catch someone's eye, you can get a metallic print fabric, a tie-dye design, or something else truly off the wall!

African Print Fabric Makes Great Masks for You and Your Loved Ones

When you are making African print masks for your family and friends, keep in mind their preferences when distributing the masks. That way, they will be more likely to keep their masks on and keep themselves safe!

Are you looking for more information on African print fabric or any other questions? Contact us today!

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