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5 African Activewear Styles you need for your Wardrobe


African fabrics are one of the easiest and most fashion forward ways that you can set yourself apart from others. There are many different options available, making it very easy to incorporate for all types of weather and any activities. While African skirts or African dresses may be needed for those special occasions, below are the 5 African activewear styles that you can incorporate easily into your everyday wardrobe!

Women’s African Print Leggings

Who doesn’t love a super comfortable, trendy pair of leggings? So why not incorporate some fun African print leggings into your wardrobe! Add a bright pair of African print leggings with a plain sun top or hoodie for a hike in the mountains or a bike ride in the woods! Not only can leggings be worn for fitness related activities, but they can also be thrown on while you are running errands.

Men’s African Dashiki Hoodie

There are two popular types of hooded sweatshirts for men – full sleeve and sleeveless. Sleeveless hoodies have become a huge trend in men’s activewear fashion making them a must have in your closet. Add a pop of color and stay trendy with some sleeveless Dashiki hoodies. Want to know the best part about the type fabric used? It is a loose fitting, breathable material, making it the perfect addition for your active adventures.

Women’s African Print Sports Bra

Imagine going to your favorite hot yoga class or cycle class, what is the perfect outfit that comes to mind? Maybe some leggings and a tank top, or even better, some leggings and a sports bra! With all the sweat that comes with a hard workout session, you will not want to wear heavy shirts or sweatpants. If you already have solid leggings, it makes it super easy to add some trendy African print sports bras to your wardrobe! If you want to make a really bold impression, add some matching sports bra and legging sets to your wardrobe!

Men’s African Print Athletic Shorts

When you aren’t in the office working or attending an important business meeting, being in some comfy clothes is the one thing that you look forward to the most, right? Not only can athletic shorts be worn in the gym, but you can also wear them when you are out and about shopping or grabbing a quick lunch. Wearing a pair of African print athletic shorts with a solid tee or long sleeve shirt makes for an easy “go-to” trendy outfit.

Women’s African Print Kimono

If you already have some cute sports bras, tank tops and leggings, this is an easy way to add some African prints into your style – add a kimono! It is perfect for everyday activities and can be worn so many different ways. Throw it over your sports bra and leggings when you are ready to leave the gym or even with a pair of leggings and a tank top when you want to head to the grocery store!

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