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Coordinating Your Mother-Daughter Outfits With African Prints


mother-daughter prints for your wardrobe

African prints are taking the fashion world by storm.

You can incorporate this trend into outfits not only for yourself but for your daughter as well. African prints work whether you want to give her a sense of pride in her roots or just want something different to wear to a formal event. Every little girl wants to wear what her mommy wears so including her is a fun way to bond.

No matter what your style, the perfect African print outfit for both of you is out there. Want how to find out how to put it together? Check out this guide to coordinating mother-daughter outfits with African prints.

Use Bright or Pastel Colors

As you're coordinating mother-daughter outfits, make sure your color choice isn't too dark. Stick to bright jewel tones. You can't go wrong with a pink colored fabric as your base.

Or, use pastel colors for the ultimate feminine and girly look. African George fabric prints are perfect for dresses since they're already embroidered. Make sure to use the embroidered end at the bottom of any skirt, dress, or top you make.

As an alternative to matching, you can also use complimentary colors in your outfits. A baby blue for your daughter and a soft green for yourself, for example. This shows coordination but isn't too similar.

Coordinate Head Ties

Your hair is your crowning glory, so why not accent it with a show-stopping head tie?

Add some sparkle with diamond head ties that any little girl (or mommy) is bound to love. Alternatively, you can use a waxed fabric for stiffness and body. These are useful if you go big in the Yoruba party gele style.

Dress Styles That Work for You Both

Are you unsure about what dress styles would work for you both? Stick to a simple style like a pinafore. You can also use the same fabric with a different silhouette.

Moms can fit the dress through the waist and flared at the bottom in the classic mermaid style. For daughters, especially toddlers, don't go too tight and restrict their movements. A simple full skirt with tulle underneath for body is all they need.

Make Skirts

You may not have the expertise or time to make a full dress, but a skirt is easy to do. You can also incorporate a print like kente by wrapping it around your waist as a belt. Another fun way to use that piece of fabric is as an accent to a skirt.

Coordinating Mother-Daughter Outfits with Style

African prints are so diverse that there's an endless choice of fabric, style, and color. Now you have the information you need to make an outfit both you and your daughter will love. She won't feel left out if you apply these tips.

Want some more inspiration? Check out our blog for fun trends in African prints that children can wear.

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