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How to Give Your Home Decor Flair with the Right African Fabric


décor ideas with the right African fabric

What if one small addition to your home's interior design could create a unique flair like no other?

With the right African decor ideas, you can give your home a natural and timeless beauty that will stand out. It all starts by choosing the right African fabric for your design.

Keep reading to learn how to incorporate African fabric into your home decor, adding a beautiful bit of color and depth.

Importance of Palette

Picking the right fabrics starts with choosing the right colors. For African inspired home decor, it's best to focus on earthy palettes.

The best color choices are shades of brown, taupe, or cream. You can also use gold for splashes of more extravagant color that won't disrupt the natural feel of your home.

To finish things off, use complementary colors, like burnt orange, olive green, and rusty red. Fabrics with these colors can make your home feel very warm and inviting.

Use of Animal Print Designs

One great way to achieve an African-inspired look is through the use of animal print designs.

Interior elements, such as animal print rugs, can instantly give your space the feeling of a home in Africa. You can further complete this look by using leopard print curtains over your windows.

The style of using animal print gives your home decor splashes of excitement that is reminiscent of an African safari. This option pairs very well with other decor ideas you may be considering, such as wooden animal sculptures.

Matching with Materials

As we have already hinted, your African-inspired home decor should not be limited to fabrics. This design option means you want to carefully coordinate the fabrics you choose with other items you're using to decorate.

Your home might eventually include things like wooden sculptures as well as tribal masks, vases, and other artifacts. Ideally, your fabric choices will coordinate with your other material choices.

For example, you may choose solid colors in rooms featuring complicated material designs as this helps those designs stand out. You may want patterned fabric in rooms with simple wooden sculptures so you don't have complicated, clashing designs.

Relaxing vs. Exciting

So far, our African-inspired home decor ideas have focused on color and pattern. Beyond this, though, your fabric choices should also reflect the specific feel you want for a specific room.

Those earthy colors we mentioned earlier? They tend to make a room feel warm and relaxing. They're good choices for a bedroom as this creates a peaceful environment for rest.

Animal prints and complex patterns make a room feel dynamic and exciting. Because of this, they're a good choice for a kitchen or living room to help keep everyone energized!

Decor Ideas With African Fabric: The Bottom Line

Now you have a few good decor ideas for using African fabric in various way. Do you know where to find the best African styles and fabrics to match your design plan?

At AKN Fabrics and Textiles, we have the latest in African prints, fabrics, and tiles. To see how we can transform your living space, check out our print selection today.

With 20 years of experience in the African fabrics market, AKN Fabrics guarantees you the best product, selection, price and overall service. We are specialists in the finest fabrics from Holland, London, African Gambia, West Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and India. We specialize in Jacquards, hand embroidery, silks, seersuckers, cottons, quilting fabrics various other West African fabrics.

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