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5 African Fashion Trends the Whole World is Loving


worldwide fashion trends

Africa has always been a place with a rich history and a diverse culture. More than ever though, the rest of the world is taking notice and Africa's impact is being felt everywhere.

African fashion, in particular, is enjoying global success. Men and women in countries around the world are looking to African fashion for inspiration and influence when it comes to their own outfits.

Participating in this trend can bring your wardrobe to life and give you the opportunity to wear new things and take fashion risks. To help get you started, we're looking at the five African fashion trends the whole world should know about.

Read on to learn more!

1. Bright Colors

Bold, bright colors are ubiquitous in African fashion and that influence is now being seen all over the world.

Top designers are thinking beyond the basic black and simple neutrals. Instead, the runways and retail stores are bursting with shades of yellow, red, and green.

The sense of liveliness that color brings to African clothing is making its way into closets all over the world.

2. Bold Prints

The days of blending into the wall are over. The bold prints of traditional African clothing are making their way into modern silhouettes for men and women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Much of the conversation around fashion has changed to include a focus on authenticity. Incorporating traditional prints into your style is a great way to create a personal connection with African history.

3. Formal Dresses

In 2015, then 18-year old Kyemah Mcentyre garnered a lot of attention for the African printed prom dress that she designed and made for herself.

Since then, African styles have been influencing the design of formal attire, including prom dresses and red-carpet gowns for celebrities.

While African styles are sometimes thought of as being more casual or streetwear appropriate, this recent trend has proven that they can be high-fashion and glamorous as well.

4. Children's Clothing

Personal style and self-confidence are interlinked. That's why so many parents are looking for children's clothing that helps kids express who they are and represents their culture.

African influences have made their way into children's clothing and embracing this trend is a great way to incorporate bright colors and prints into your child's closet. It also helps them show their unique character and dress with confidence.

5. Designer Headwraps

Headwraps have a rich history in African culture and there is a lot of symbolism in wearing one. Designers around the world have taken notice.

More and more, fashion lines include beautifully designed headwraps made from a variety of fabrics. It's a way for women to wear this traditional and meaningful article of clothing in a modern, high-fashion way.

Want to Learn More about African Fashion?

Even if we don't always realize it, African influences are everywhere in the fashion world. They can be seen on the runway, in a store window and even just walking down the street.

For more information about how you can incorporate African styles into your wardrobe, please browse our blog.

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