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5 Summer Fashion Trends for Your Coastal Home


African print fabric

African print fabric is vibrant and has a lot to offer the fashion world. Not only in clothing but also the décor in your home. Coastal living is fun and provides a ton of opportunity to bring life into your home. The colors you use in your décor say a lot about the person you are. If you are ready to dress up your coastal home and make it more vibrant, than you may want to try out some of these trending colors.


This hue of yellow is lively and the perfect solution to lighten up a dark room. It has a tropical flare and leaves room for tons of different types of décor. You will find pineapple yellow everywhere you look this summer. From Instagram feeds to catwalk clothing, everyone loves this shade of yellow. Let this sunny shade brighten your coastal home. If you are lost to what type of fabrics may include this shade, try looking up African print fabric. This shade makes the perfect accent wall in your home, or let it pop in some cushions on your couch.

Pink Lavender

All hues of pink tend to be welcome, but Pink Lavender contains a deep and rich tone of color. It is perfect for those who are looking for a pretty shade to incorporate in their coastal home. It offers a palm tree vibe and can be used in almost any room in your home. This hue will put you in the mind set of tropical seaside sunset.

Nile Green

Nile green is natural and breezy. This lightweight hue will soften others that may be in your room. It is a pleasing tropical greenery that works with multiple colors. It brings a nice hint of color, while keeping a calm vibe. It can also serve as an eye-catching color when used as a scenery backdrop.


This classic coastal color never goes out of style. It is the perfect hint of summer and is loved among beach dwellers. You will find everyone wearing coral this season, as it welcomes summer. It is bright, bold and beautiful making for the perfect accent color in any home. This color is very eye-catching and can make any drab room shine.

Capri Blue

This ocean inspired blue is tranquil. Giving it the perfect vibe to calm other colors that may be in your room. It has a Mediterranean flare about it and is a favorite color among coastal homes. It would serve as a perfect color for a kitchen or bathroom. You may also see this color used on exterior shutters of a coastal home.

All these colors are the perfect choices for a coastal home. Rather you are looking for a wall color or just an eye-catching color to incorporate into your room. Try getting some throw pillows made of African print fabric to place on your couch , as this will help your chosen color pop.

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