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7 Inspired African Decor Ideas for Your Home


African decor and fabrics can seriously transform your home. To inspire your new design, we're sharing 7 of our favorite African decor ideas right now!

Quick -- what comes to mind when we say, "African decor"? Probably wooden statues, masks, and animal print fabrics, right?

These are traditional elements that can evoke the continent's natural beauty, but there is so much more to African design. Items like African lace -- yes, lace! -- and handwoven sisal baskets, placemats, or trivets can bring a touch of distinctive sub-Saharan flair to your living space.

Check out these 7 African decor ideas for your home!

  1. Classic Safari The Serengeti aesthetic is a classic decor theme for a reason. No safari-themed room is complete without a zebra-print throw rug, cheetah-patterned pillows, or carved wooden tribal masks.Dark brown leather furniture, next to an antique suitcase or steamer trunk, will transform your space into the timeless elegance of a safari resort.
  1. African Lace African lace isn't as well-known as lace fabrics made in other parts of the world, but it's just as beautiful. If you're looking for African decor ideas that are non-traditional and still stunning, check out some African lace patterns.Used for decor, lace works best in smaller doses -- such as throw pillows, curtains, or wall hangings.
  1. Woven Elements African woven baskets are stylish and practical. Use them to stash magazines, mail, or even your TV remotes. Other woven elements that will transport you to the banks of the Congo include wall hangings, headboards, and hampers.
  1. Kente Print Textiles These are the colorful, geometric print fabrics that are often associated with African decor. Originally made from silk, Kente textiles are now made with many fabrics. Their distinctive patterns hold a unique meaning. Take a look at some of the fascinating symbolism used in Kente cloth.
  1. Unusual African Print Fabric Other African fabric colors, aside from the black, green, gold, and red shades typically seen in Kente cloth, can make a bold statement. Hot pink, cornflower blue, purple, rich burgundy -- in fact, all colors of the rainbow -- can be seen in these prints! The designs include delicate flowers, paisley-style patterns, and motifs reminiscent of an Art Deco aesthetic.These prints are not what ordinarily comes to mind when you think of “African decor ideas.” However, the textiles add a stunning pop of color and sophistication when used as pillow covers, throws, draperies, or bedspreads.
  1. African Animals Love the look of dark carved wood but don't want to lose the light and airy atmosphere of a room? Show off your appreciation for wildlife with intricately carved African animals -- think giraffes, rhinos, and lions -- in teak, mahogany, or ebony.Elephants are perhaps the one animal most commonly associated with Africa. Elephant-themed sculptures, candleholders, rugs, textiles, and artwork are bound to bring character to any home. If you're nuts about these majestic pachyderms, why not fill a room with everything-elephant to create a striking African decor theme?
  1. Colorful Canopies The canopies that surround sleepers are generally made of sheer fabric, but why be ordinary? Use a gorgeous African fabric pattern when creating a canopy. Keep it traditional with Kente designs or go for a feminine floral print.African inspired decor, as you can see, is so much more than just animal prints and tribal masks. With your imagination, African fabrics can help bring a beautiful and rare style to any room of your home.


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