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How African Prints Impact American Fashion


African Print

One of the amazing aspects of the fashion industry today is how much it is influenced by culture from around the world. African prints bring unique colors and patterns to the world of American fashion. This fabric was originally inspired by wax-resistant batik cloth from Indonesia but was quickly adopted into the African culture. Today, people connect these beautiful fabrics with the history and heritage of the African continent.

Today, it can be used in a variety of garments, from shirts to pants and skirts. Plus, these unique colors and patterns can be used in a variety of accessories. It has demonstrated a tangible influence on the global world of fashion.

What Do They Represent?

For decades, these prints have been used as an indicator of religion, status, and more. In today’s fashion world, people utilize these prints to express their creativity within their clothing lines. However, they have also been part of demonstrating pride in their culture, such as the African prints that were used by the Black Power movement in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s.

Hollywood Influenced By African Prints

As recent movies suggest, fashion is not the only industry that has been impacted by African prints. The recent success of the movie Black Panther, for instance, sparked recognition of the aspects of African prints that make them so engaging. African prints are often able to pair the diversity of Africa with the ancient folklore that is a part of the African culture.

Many individuals are using fashion, particularly African prints, to showcase their heritage and embrace the beauty found in an entire continent.

Growing Interest in Connecting with Heritage

For many individuals, seeing pieces that reflect African culture and heritage has connected with those who want to express their unique heritage. Vendors are providing not only finished pieces, but also fabrics and textiles that can be used to create a unique one of a kind look.

There are tens of thousands of patterns and colors, giving men and women the ability to tailor them to fit their own unique fashion sense. Not only can they be used to express your fashion sense, these African prints have a history of being connected to various political messages.

Therefore, African prints have been used by the fashion industry to make a bold statement, one that stands out from the crowd. With a variety of cuts and fits, African prints can be an artistic way for a designer to represent themselves in their clothing line.

Trendsetters Are Setting the Fashion

Those who set the fashion trends are also using African prints in their every day wardrobe, thus drawing the attention of the general public to how these pieces can be woven into your every day wardrobe or even for special events. As a result, African prints have become more appealing for individuals throughout the American fashion scene.

Clearly, you can see that African prints have an amazing history, but they also have continued to make inroads into American fashion. If you are looking to add some African prints to your wardrobe, then check out our latest offerings.

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