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Fun Trends in African Prints for Children's Wardrobes

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Whether it's by instinct or choice, parents are always searching for stylish children's clothes. African prints can infuse a timeless style into your child's wardrobe, if you know what to look for.

Sometimes, kids can throw a tantrum about choosing their own outfits. They want to show their independence, control, and self-expression. Why not give them trendy options for their wardrobe?

African prints stand out for a couple of reasons. They:

  • have detailed print designs
  • complement various skin tones
  • stay trendy every year
  • use quality fabrics
  • show character and social status

Move away from the superhero outfits and cartoon designs to unique African fashion. Read on to learn how.

Which African Prints Suit Children's Wardrobes?

As fun as it may be to shop for kids' clothes, you have to consider many things. They include:

  • Choosing a high-quality fabric with perfect stitching
  • Avoiding hanging threads, loose buttons, fringes, and sparkling items
  • Getting easy to remove clothes
  • Picking prints that mask stains
  • Selecting clothes matching the child's preferences
  • Considering size and seasonal changes

With that said, here are the African prints we recommend choosing for your child:

Aso Ebi Style with Head Scarf

Aso Ebi is the traditional Nigerian uniform for social occasions and ceremonies. This style trends every year with its creative designs and patterns.

Women pair it with a traditional headscarf, known as Gele. They wear bold necklaces or shoulder scarves.

Young girls look cute wearing Aso Ebi. No wonder shops are selling mother-daughter matching dresses.

Mismatched Tops and Pants

Having mismatched tops and pants highlights the Ankara designs. For the boys, wearing a black or white trouser with a patterned top works well. They can pair a patterned jacket with black t-shirt and trousers.

Another style has an all-black suit paired with an Ankara tie and pocket square. Others go for a button-up patterned shirt with a matching cap. It could also be a polo shirt or v-neck sweater with African prints.

Young girls wear frilled patterned tops with different colored trousers. Some pair a t-shirt with a maxi skirt. A pairing of an Ankara coat dress and black pants will also work.

Asymmetrical Hemlines

This playful style of using different hemlines is suitable for kids. Some hemlines are longer at the back than at the front.

Girls can wear a long maxi Ankara dress and pair it with sandals. Dresses could be knee-high, patched, or flared at the bottom. Tops with asymmetrical hemlines and elastic waists go well with jeans.

Off Shoulder Designs

Children's off shoulder designs are easy to take off. Dresses can have frills on one side, use mixed colors or have ruffles around the neck. Some designers match the sleeve and pocket colors. Some dresses have flared, frilled or laced bottoms.

Other designs use a one-color dress with patterns on the shoulder sleeves and dress bottom. Another option is a patch pattern on one side of the dress.


Jumpsuits work well alone or when paired with a different color jacket. Some jumpsuits are sleeveless. Others have cutouts around the waist, shoulders, and arms.

Designers offer fully patterned jumpsuits and contrast waist belts. Others feature corset-shaped jumpsuits.

Select the Best African Fabrics

Choosing children's clothes doesn't have to be difficult. Discover your child's preferences and match them with great African designs.

Visit us to select the best African fabrics for retail and wholesale purchases.


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