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Genuine African Print Fabric and Its Uses

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Choosing the right African Print

When using African Print fabric it is easier for you to select the fabric design if you know the purpose for using African textiles. Choosing cloth material like African Print takes longer if you don’t know your use for it.

To understand the correct use of African Print fabric, you have to know the evolution of this bright and colorful textile.


African Prints evolved from Indonesian Batik in the 19th century.Indonesia was a Dutch colony then.Locals made beautiful patterns on cotton sheets by dyeing the cloth with one or more base colors, then applying resin wax to create non-dye patterns on the initially dyed cloth. The sheet is repeatedly dyed then washed to apply or ‘print’ motif designs.The number of repetitions varies with the number of motif colors to be applied.

This handmade procedure for creating Batik made it laborious to print intricate patterns.The Dutch wanted to make the process easier by using machines to repeatedly dye the sheets of cloth.However, the resulting machine-made fabric had imperfections like bubble-effects as compared to the purely hand-made fabric.

Machine-based printing was not as popular then but West Africans working in Indonesia took the machine printing process and used it.It became popular in their home region.This led to African art and culture influencing the design and patterns, paving the way for African Print fabric to become a national heritage for West Africa.

Even after the Dutch improved wax-printing, the fabric continued to be called African Print.Although fabrics manufactured in the Netherlands use Dutch wax to print designs with no apparent African-influence, they are still called African Print Holland Wax.

Today, African Print manufacturers use modern printers.Some fabrics continue to be grown, spun, woven and printed in Africa. Genuine quality African Prints are made in West Africa and Holland. It is an imported fabric in the United States.

Fabric Print Categories

Wax printing ensures that the cloth sheets are dyed evenly at the front and back.Super Wax category fabrics are finer in quality and these are used for more stylish apparel.The African root word ‘kenten’ means basket and therefore Kente Prints have basket-weave designs.


Design is largely influenced by the tribal culture inherent in the hot continent.The bold, clashing and majestic designs are different from Hawaiian prints that are laid back.

African Print patterns represent events, symbols have special meaning.Geometric, floral, animal symbols connect personalities.Beautiful bright colors are significant and always make the wearer standout.

Select from our large variety of African Prints, Seersucker fabrics, George, Headties, Laces and Java Prints to suit your needs.The variety is constantly updated to contain the latest patterns.To help you find what you are looking for, you can sort the fabrics according to the newest prints, what is the best or the most popular from customer reviews.You can also sort by name or even according to price to suit your budget.

Knowing some African culture and style will help you choose the correct pattern for your intended use.In an African wedding for example, the bride uses a kaftan to match the groom’s dashiki in traditional colors.Present trends, allow use of unconventional and modern colors.

Using African Print

African Print is used:

  • Fashion. You can use this awesome material for beautiful and trendy clothes for men, women and even kids.
  • Beddings. Make your bedroom more comfier with African print. You can use it for quilts, mattress covers, blankets, pillow covers and so much more.
  • Furnishing. Liven up your living room with these lovely prints. They look great on cushions, throws and mats.
  • Home Décor. You can even use African prints for wall decors and hangings, table runners, placemats, curtains, etc.

    African Print is a versatile textile for creative designs and innovations.It is available as retail or wholesale bulk fabric.Designers, Artists and Entrepreneurs can use it to create swag or dynamic effects that will surely bring the African adventure.


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