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Genuine African Print Fabrics Are Hot, Hot, Hot!

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There are a large variety of African Prints to suit your needs.To help you find what you are looking for, you can sort the fabrics according to the newest prints, what is the best or the most popular from customer reviews.You can also sort by name or even according to price to suit your budget.

African print fabrics connect your personality to unique colorful designs and meaningful patterns.Design and patterns create simple or complex artwork that is interwoven into delicate cotton fabric.Wax prints ensure that designs are dyed evenly in both front and back of the cotton sheet.Super wax prints are finer in quality.Kente is derived from ‘kenten’ which means basket.Thus, African Kente prints resemble basket-weave designs.


African Prints andtextiles are cotton fabric manufactured in the Netherlands and printed with African-influenced designs using Dutch-wax.The textile evolved from Batik which was earlier made in Indonesia when it was a Dutch colony.

Batik is handmade by repeatedly dyeing a cotton sheet to print simple or complex motif designs against base backgrounds.Resin wax is applied to sections of the sheet to control coloring of the design pattern.

The Dutch used machines to create wax-print fabric similar to Batik but the resulting fabric had imperfections with bubble effects when compared to hand-made Batik.The Batik-inspired machine- made fabric was appreciated in West Africa and tribal designs were drawn into the patterns.Over the years, the design patterns for the machine-printed fabric was influenced by African art and culture.Traditional designs included geometric, floral, animal patterns using bright colors and bold shades.Symbols promoted themes, famous persons or events. Colors gave significance.

The textile became known as African Print even after the Dutch perfected automated wax-printing in the Netherlands.Today, quality fabrics are printed in Africa and in Holland.African Prints have become a cultural heritage that connects personalities with the continent.



Bold clashing designs and beautiful bright colors make African Prints great for fashion. The fabric is used for many fashion styles from traditional to modern attire.

Women’s clothing vary from the head wraps, scarves, tops, skirts, dresses, jackets & blazers, jumpsuits & playsuits,summer suits.Women accessories include belts, bags, shoes.

Men’s wear includes turbans, jackets, polo shirts, trousers & shorts, espadrilles.Children & Baby clothes include t-shirts, bibs, burp cloths, baby carriers.

The fashion items for African Print is endless as creativity.You can find many popular items in online marketplaces.


A huge selection of quilting fabrics is available including African Prints.Cut them into strips and make colorful quilts. African cloth could be used as blankets, mattress covers.Use them for pillow cases, cushions or throws.You can even use them as mats for lying in the park and open air.

Home Decor

Use African Fabrics for furnishings to decorate your home.The variety of beautiful and colorful patterns give an African-inspired interior. Use it for wall decor, wall hanging, for curtains, room dividers.In the dining room, it can be a great table runner or a placemat.There are many ways you can use African Print Fabric for the home.

Urban Accent

African print fabrics are good material for creative designs and innovations.For designers and entrepreneurs, African Print is available as both retail fabric sheets and wholesale bulk fabric.

Anyway you use them, African Print fabrics are hot!


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