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How to Incorporate African Prints into Your Thanksgiving Decor


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When Thanksgiving rolls around this year, you can take a break from the norm by embracing some eye-catching décor.

Rather than simply decorating with traditional items, why not embrace African prints and decor that will take your home design and decoration to the next level?

There are plenty of companies that sell these prints, but you'll need some hot ideas to kick off your home transformation.

We've got you covered!

Read on and apply these tips to decorate in a way that celebrates Thanksgiving like never before.

Embrace The Holidays With Your African Prints

More than ever, the Thanksgiving holiday has become a preseason of sorts, kicking off the rest of the holiday season.

With Black Friday the next day, people instantly go into Christmas shopping mode, and you'll begin to see Christmas movies playing nonstop. Chanukah isn't too far behind, and people will start making their travel plans for Christmas and New Years.

While in the spirit of the season, don't hesitate to embrace African culture as you look to do things a bit differently.

You can purchase African prints that allow you to not only decorate your home, but touch on some of the themes of Kwanzaa. Though Kwanzaa doesn't begin until late December, Thanksgiving can serve as a preview of its tenets.

In this 7-day holiday, you and your family will embrace various principles, like unity, self-determination, and collective economics.

Your family time can become as informative as it is heartwarming.

Do Your Research Before Buying Your Prints

When you're looking to add African prints to your decor, it's important to do your research.

Take time to find out what you're getting from these print purchases, and research the culture or country in which it originates. By doing business with a company that has an authentic connection to Africa, you'll know that you're getting quality prints.

Reach out to the African print company via their website or social media to look at a gallery of their inventory. By taking the time to search for the right print, you'll mix and match until you find the best Thanksgiving decor.

Focus On Color Schemes and Accessories

Fall colors associated with Thanksgiving lend themselves nicely to African décor. Coordinate African prints into your table runners, centerpieces, table settings, tableclothes, window dressings and other accessories that will stand out in your home.

Aside from buying prints and fabrics, you may wish to create change in the rest of your home.

Choosing paint colors is a big part of this process and will set the tone for any remodel. When working with these prints, it's best to consider warm colors.

Make sure to always paint your walls light, bright colors, as they will go well with many different types of African prints. What started as incorporating African prints into your Thanksgiving décor can thus be carried over to your year-round home design.

Shop With A Company That Offers The Best Selection

Now that you know how purchasing an African print can revolutionize your decor during Thanksgiving, it's up to you to get started.

We have some of the best inventory around and will be glad to help you out. Stop by our site and contact us for more information.

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