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How to Revitalize Your Spring Wardrobe with African Prints


spring wardrobe with african prints

When it feels like the winter tundra will never end, the last thing on your mind is what is behind your winter coats in your spring wardrobe. However, the next thing you know, it's 70 degrees and sunny and you're staring at a closet full of so-five-years-ago clothes.

Trying to wake up your wardrobe for spring can feel extremely overwhelming when you're starting from only a few basic white tees and a pair of 5-year-old jeans, but there's a secret to speeding up the process without feeling basic.

African Prints.

They're beautiful, unique, colorful, and incredibly versatile. Even better, they've become a huge trend for the spring.

With so many ways to use these authentic fabrics, where do you begin? We have rounded up 3 easy ways to add African prints into your spring wardrobe for a fresh and in the moment look.

1. Start Small

Afraid to jump into the deep end of big and bold prints? Try easing yourself in.

Find an African print that excites you and add it as your accent piece. Whether you use it as a headband, a belt, or even a necklace, it's an easy way to add instant style to your outfit without feeling overwhelmed.

There are so many different styles to choose from. It's impossible not to find something you'll like.

2. Make it a Bag

Everyone can always use an extra bag or two. You may be surprised at how high fashion a handmade African print bag can look.

It can be a great statement piece in an understated outfit and add so much personality to something that otherwise may be a little plain.

You can even add to a bag you already own and breathe life back into it by using a new fabric as an accent on the bag. Adding some of these African prints along with a tassel or some pom-poms can turn your old, worn out bag into a straight-off-the-runway look.

3. Go Head to Toe

Want to turn heads? Go for a complete head to toe African print look.

If you enjoy taking fashion to the next level, using some of these prints as a jumpsuit, a dress, a cape, or even a trench coat will automatically put you in the top ranks of fashionistas.

You won't be able to keep yourself from feeling like spring has finally sprung.

Authentically You

As long as you choose African prints that are authentic and high quality, you really can't go wrong with this spring trend.

Still feeling a little nervous about trying it out? Visit our blog to explore even more ways to incorporate these beautiful prints into your spring wardrobe, and feel free to contact us to learn more about what we offer.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and express their individuality through fashion. Explore our authentic prints and find your inner fashionista.

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