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The Versatility of African Fabrics

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Globalization has indeed, changed a lot of things. Products which used to be unnoticed or unknown, even with their good quality, are now given their due attention. For instance, African fabrics, which used to be popular only among specific cultures, have reached “trendy” status of global magnitude.

A day doesn’t pass without seeing women wearing those colorful, elaborately-printed scarves, wraps, blouses, skirts, dresses and suits. Sometimes, they adorn their clothing with laces that complement their outfit. Women with babies garb their little ones with attractive playsuits, onesies and bibs and even cover their baby carriers with African fabrics. Not to be outdone, men love to sport their jackets, polo shirts, shorts, trousers and turbans, all made of these materials. Most often the materials, clothes and styles we see with vibrant colors are derived from African print styles in mind.

What makes them so popular? Why are they becoming the fabrics and design choices of so many? They are strikingly beautiful, durable and lightweight, making them one of the most versatile fabrics in the world today. Not to mention that their designers have incorporated them with silks and seersuckers, thus producing fabrics that exude beauty and elegance beyond compare.

The All-around Fabric

Yes, the versatility of African prints has made its way into the hearts and homes of millions of people. They are now used for a variety of functions like:

  1. Cushion covers. There was a time when Persian fabrics were the favorite materials for cushions. Today, however, African fabrics have become the apple of the eyes of many. Cushions covered with these materials can turn the drabbest room into a charming haven.
  2. Electronics covers. Gadget aficionados find Africantextiles cool and hip. You can see them on iPhone and smartphone cases, laptop, notebook and netbook bags and so on.
  3. Jewelry. Bold prints embossed or glued to earrings, pendants, watch straps, bracelets, and cuff links seem to be the fashion statements today. You can see them worn by celebrities all over the world.
  4. Shoes. This awesome fabric has even invaded the shoe world! They’re on rubber shoes, high heels and pumps. You can even have them customized according to the design you have in mind.
  5. Curtains. Do you want to have a unique, classy look for your rooms? Try African fabrics. You can choose designs and styles that can complement any area of your home or office.
  6. Beddings. Beddings made of African fabrics can bring a stately elegance to your bedrooms.
  7. Decorations. From table runners to wall hangings, there’s an African fabric to match your specific needs and desires.

African fabrics are so versatile - you can use them for virtually anything and everything. Just make sure that you buy from reputable dealers to enjoy their timeless beauty, strength and durability.


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