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6 Ways to Turn Your Fall Wardrobe from Drab to Fab


African print

With the changing of the leaves and the temperature in many parts of the United States, many of us are transitioning our wardrobe to something warmer with a touch of the beautiful fall colors included. You might be looking to move into longer sleeves, pants with a thicker fabric, and sweaters. However, you do not want to sacrifice your style or ability to look your best in any situation.

At the same time, many of us are on a budget, which makes building an entire new fall wardrobe challenging. By using these 6 ways to turn your fall wardrobe from drab to fab, you can enjoy custom one of a kind pieces without breaking the bank.

Be Open to Using Patterns in the Design Phase

One of the ways to make pieces that are fab is by creating them yourself. You pick the African fabric or print that you love, then follow to pattern to sew African skirts, dresses, pants, and more. The beauty of following this method is that you have the ability uses colors and thicker fabrics that appeal to you personally. Even if someone has the same shaped piece of clothing, it is unlikely that they are going to pick your exact African print.

African fabrics are also made from 100% cotton fabric, meaning that these textiles can keep you warm during the briskest windy fall days. Plus, you can also use solid lining fabrics to add another layer of warmth and protection.

Infuse Color and Pattern into Your Fall Wardrobe

Using African fabrics and prints mean that you can tap into a broader range of colors than the traditional ones associated with the fall. There are African fabrics with a wide variety of rich colors, such as greens and burgundies that can be found in these patterns, making them even more appealing. You can create African print tops or African t-shirts and offset the patterns of these shirts from solid-colored pants or skirts.

Of course, there are also the amazing patterns that you can use to add an element of interest into your fall wardrobe, along with the beautiful colors that are infused into these fabrics and textiles.

Make a Cultural Connection

Another way to take your fall wardrobe from drab to fab is by adding pieces that have a cultural significance . African textiles and prints not only have a unique beauty all their own, but they also have a cultural connection as well.

Many of these African fabrics, associated with various types of prints and cloths, also have cultural significance. By incorporating African garaments into your fall wardrobe, you are adding this unique history into your closet.

Oddly enough, what is often known as African fabric originally began with a Dutch entrepreneur. There are other cloths, such as Kente and mud cloth, that reflect the deep African culture connection as well. Every pattern is unique because there is no uniformity.

Add Unique Patterns to Your Accessories

Another way to update your fall wardrobe is to infuse your accessories with colors and patterns. They can be used to add a pop to your outfit without overwhelming you with multiple colors and patterns. You can create headwraps, purses, or fabric belts to add that touch of flair.

The best part about using African fabrics in your accessories means that the sky is the limit. You don’t have to be confined by what is considered appropriate but really customize it to your taste.

Create a Statement with Your Jewelry

Patterns do not have to be limited to the fabrics that you have used in your clothing. You can incorporate those patterns into the various statement pieces , such as earrings or a necklace. The best part is that again, the jewelry you choose can fit your personality.

Online jewelry makers can also offer you one of a kind pieces at budget friendly prices, thus giving you the chance to stand out in the crowd. Add these pieces to African dresses to make a statement at a variety of events.

Tie-Dye Making a Comeback

Fall also is the season for hoodies and sweatshirts. You want to spend time outside, but it is definitely not warm enough to be out without something like a sweatshirt. If you decide to incorporate tie-dye into other aspects of your wardrobe, you can use it as part of shirts, skirts, or pants.

Plus, tie-dye can be done in a variety of colors, allowing you to incorporate fall colors into your next creative project. As you can see, by flexing your creative muscles, you can have an amazing fall wardrobe that reflects your personality.

Our team can help you find the right fabrics and patterns to fit your needs, whether you are sewing pieces yourself or are just looking for already finished clothing and accessories. Contact us today to learn about all the options available.

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