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5 Reasons to Update Your Home for Spring with Bright African Prints


African Prints

With the changing of the seasons, many of us make shifts to our home’s décor. One of the ways to do that is through the fabrics within your home. It might be curtains, quilts, or pillows. African prints offer the option of bringing bright colors and patterns into your spring décor, complimenting the changing of the seasons.

Here are 5 reasons why updating your home for spring should include bright African prints.

Create a Patterned Headboard

African prints on your headboardcan be a great way to refresh your bedroom for the upcoming spring season. Doing so can add something bright and cheery into your room, giving it a pop of color and patterns into an otherwise neutrally decorated room. Plus, you can transition the fabric to compliment the spring season.

Compliment Other Decorative Pieces

Part of the beauty of African designs is that they can be incorporated into homes with a variety of décor ideas. Prints can be used to compliment industrial features, warming up a space. Juju hats and handcrafted textiles can be used as a background for art or as the art itself on your walls. You can also pick bold colors to reflect the return of colors that comes with spring.

Add Throw Pillows

Your couch or chairs in your living room might be a simple neutral fabric or made of leather. You can inject some African flavor into your living room by using mudcloth throw pillows. Also, be willing to explore the various regional textile offerings available. You may find that one African region speaks to you more than another.

African Designs for Blankets and Throws

No matter what the room, everyone loves to have a cozy blanket to snuggle under. Bed linens and throws are available in a variety of patterns, making them a great option for the still cool spring nights. Different textiles may have a different method for weaving, depending on the region. Therefore, you can tap into a wide variety of options to fit your home’s overall design.

Create Curtains for a Colorful Flair

With bedrooms or a living room, curtains can be a decorative showpiece that can compliment its overall design. Using African prints, you can give your room a warm and cozy touch, but also enjoy how the light plays with the patters in your curtains throughout the day.

Clearly, the one of the biggest reasons to use African prints and textiles in your spring décor is because they are so versatile, meaning that your options are only limited by your imagination. Are you looking for some options in different African fabrics and textiles? Contact us today to discuss your needs with our experienced staff.

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